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Diagnosis for the Diseases caused by the Jinns Afflictions

It’s a very pitiful situation when you see or hear someone who battles with disease(s), spending almost all his or her wealth, selling his or her properties just to get better and healed. Afterwards, he or she will be put under illness management, taking life drugs, having been known in the pharmaceutical company or in the hospital just as a musicians are being known by their fans. Approaching and interrogating some of these clients on how and what led to their illnesses and how they’ve been managing it, after due observations and diagnostic analysis and measures, we will later discover, that some of these illnesses are jinns related illnesses.


Types of Magic and their Symptoms-Evils of Jinns

1. The patient experiences nightmares
2. The patient sees in a dream as if someone were calling him
3. The patient hears voices talking to him when awake, but cannot see where these voices are coming from
4. The patient hears much whispering (Al-Waswas)
5. The patient is very suspicious of his/her friends and relatives
6. The patient dreams of seeing himself/herself falling from a high place
7. The patient dreams of seeing himself/herself being chased by animals

JINN ‘Aashiq- Matrimony (marriage) Destroyer

Some of the symptoms of Jinn ‘Aashiq (besides the ones we’ve mentioned above) are feeling of alienation on the victim. Most of the victims of this affliction have a very low self esteem and could feel withdrawn and prefer to be alone than to socialize. They could feel undesirable to the opposite sex or feel they are ugly or unattractive when this isn’t the case in reality.

Kinds of sickness and harm caused by the jinn

Kinds of sickness and harm caused by the jinn

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A teenager was spotted sometimes ago with blood-stains on her wears and part of her body. This brother (may Allah bless him and have mercy on him) from his intelligence, experience and wisdom, observed that something must have gone wrong with the lady, then called her and engaged her in few conversations where he detected that the lady lacks orientation on what menstrual period is all about.

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