This generation has got to a situation that, when trying to resolve discords which arise from couples, instead of them giving the exact accounts and details of the causes, in order to realize and find lasting solution, you see them beating around the bush and making the situation more complex. It then appears as if there is no hope any longer except to separate from each other.

As for the inexperienced, partial and biased arbitrators, you hear them say, “let us settle the fight for you ”, “you this wife, you are troublesome”, and so on, this happens especially in the gatherings of brothers. They begin to make comments like “your trouble is too much”, etc.
My question Is, does Islam leave us to wander in this condition without explaining how to live peacefully with one another, not to talk of the couple’s live?

The non-Muslims extensively teach themselves these manners, unfortunately we (Muslims) take mild things serious, and we become irrationally shy of that we should not be shy of.

Fortunately, it is easily traceable to the lifetime of The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم -The Hadith is in Sahih Bukhari- Ummu Sulaym رضي الله عنها, the mother of Anas ibn Malik رضي الله عنه, came to The Messenger of ALLAAH (ﷺ) and said, “Verily, ALLAAH is not shy of (telling you) the truth. Is it necessary for a woman to take a bath after she has a wet dream (nocturnal sexual discharge?)” The Prophet replied , “Yes, if she notices a discharge.” Ummu Salama رضي الله عنها (one of the wives of The Messenger of ALLAAH (ﷺ), then covered her face and asked, “O Messenger of ALLAAH (ﷺ)! Does a woman get a discharge?” He replied, “Yes, let your right hand be in dust (An Arabic expression you say to a person when you contradict his statement meaning “you will not achieve goodness”), and that is why the son resembles his mother”. The point of reference is that Ummu Sulaym started her statements with “Verily, ALLAAH is not shy of (telling you) the truth.”, but we are always shy (from the truth) and this causes us many harms and destructions, it is not too good and it does not fit-in at all.

Likewise, ALLAAH revealed a verse in Surah-al-Baqarah to The Prophet (ﷺ) because the Jews used to claim that if one has sex with his wife from behind (only in the vagina) the offspring would become cross-eyed. Then, this Ayah was revealed: (Your wives are a tilth for you, so go to your tilth, when or how you will) [Surah Al-Baqara, Verse 223].

When the scholars were interpreting this verse generally, they said that “ALLAAH makes the wife a place of living for her husband; a thing of enjoyment i.e. from her sweetness; as an adornment for her husband; and ALLAAH has legislated that man enjoys her wife from her entirety. So ALLAAH wants us to understand something, therefore, HE likened her to the man’s tilth: its well-known that a farmer plants in the land for its germination. He does not persistently use only one area of the land for farming, he rather rotates where he plants e.g. he plants here this year and there the following year. They –the scholars- said that ALLAAH made this similitude because it is not a must for the husband to be persistent on one (same) spot, way or style (of enjoying his wife). He may have sexual relations with his wife anyhow, in anyway and at any position he likes e.g. in an upright, bending, or prostrating manner; or whilst she sleeps on her back or she faces the grand; from her front or from behind, but the only condition is that, he must insert only into her vagina i.e. the frontal sexual organ, and he must stay away from her anus.” Therefore, what the jews intended, which resulted to the revelation of the verse: (Your wives are a tilth for you, so go to your tilth, when or how you will), meaning, wherever and however you wish, accompanied by the conditions, as explained above. This affirms that ALLAAH (and then The Prophet) also talked about these things. Evident from the authentic Hadith.

Furthermore, let us return to the statements of The Prophet. But before that, the book in reference is titled “The Art of Interactions between Spouses” by Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawi, he said, at page 22: “having fun with one’s wife is one of the major (secret) reasons behind (or one of the major strength of) successful and peaceful matrimonial homes, because having fun with one’s wife is sweeter than the penetration. If the birds and animals can have fun with one another as pre-mating exercises, it is -of course- not expected of human (the spouses) to be inactive and horrible (mainly during intercourse). The wife and children become fearful as the husband approaches them; they shivers at his arrival. Never! That is not the way of The Prophet!

How did we realize it’s not the way of The Prophet? The Hadith reported by Jabir ibn ‘AbduLLAAH: We were with Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) in an expedition. When we returned I urged my camel to move quickly as it was slow. There met me a rider behind me, and he goaded it with an iron-tipped stick which he had with him. My camel moved forward like the best that you have ever seen. As I turned (my face) I found him to be Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) He said: “Jabir, what hastens you?”
I said: “Messenger of Allah, I am newly wedded”. Whereupon he said: “Is it a virgin that you have married or one previously married?”
I said: “With one previously married”. He said: “Why not a young girl so that you could play with her and she could play with you?” [Sahih Muslim].

Now, let us draw attention to what The Prophet’s replied Jabir ibn’AbduLLAAH with, “you could play with her and she could play with you”.

Therefore, this article shall lay emphasis on the various ways through which a man can play with his wife. I will come back to that, in shaa`a ALLAAH.
“The Prophet said, ‘everything asides The Remembrance of ALLAAH is a mere (false) joke -which accompanies no reward- except four things, which includes -the point of reference- “the playing of a man to his wife’. When a man plays with his wife, he will be rewarded afterwards but all others except the aforementioned is mere play.
Also, one of statements of the Shaykh about Hajjaj: we have known who Hajjaj was, Hajjaj was like the president, as President M. Bukhari is our president today. Hajjaj was then asked if he too plays with his wives and he replied that “by ALLAAH, I have more than one wives and I sometimes kiss their feet”. That was a whole president! How about you -the no-president?
One of the wise men met an unmarried youth and advised him to play with his wife whilst copulating and he should not make it similar to stealing. That is, whenever he wants to copulate, he should not just go into penetration without preceding it with some forms of arousing fondlings.

Also, if we look at the book written by our Shaykh ___________ titled: The etiquettes of copulating with a newly wed bride.
It was mentioned that, it is expected of the husband to be gentle with his wife, under which it’s stated that the man should be the one to ignite the play because some women are very bashful and shy. He then said, “the act of playing -not the childish play but that of arousal- with one’s wife is a field whose reality is unattainable by most of the couples today, except by a real, responsible, attentive and perceptible husband. This includes: kissing (about ten different spots in) one’s wife, neck to neck contacts, to hold, to rub or to fondle”. The scholars used to say “the husband should play with his wife and cheer her up”.

There is a category of husbands whom when outside, they catch their satisfying funs and enjoyments in joints, clubs etc. where they usually cheer, laugh and jokes with one another, but become bored and cold (unfriendly) with their family, even fall asleep sometimes they return home. Let us draw our attention to certain things here; if we are very observant and cautious enough, we would notice that most women (ladies) clandestinely like every man who unscrupulously, immorally and salaciously jokes, talks or makes utterances related to sexual activities (sensitive part of women) while in their midst, perhaps in the offices, gathering etc. You find them (women) enjoyably seated, being fascinated and charmed, not wanting to stop sitting with these kind of men. These particular ladies (women) may be pretending by saying “shut up! , you are too loose in speech! , etc. ” However, deep in their heart, they’re consumed, saturated and filled with maximum satisfactions and ecstasy, never wanting to leave such a man’s arena. This is simply because these kinds of jokes or talks are forbidden between a man and other than his wives, but it is highly recommended for him to make such speech only to his wife (wives). How do you expect a man -who has cheered, joked and derived funs outside- able to excite his wife at home? Thus, this point is from what we must take note of, never joke with it, “Triple T” warns you vehemently.

One of the greatest scholar, ibn alQayyim stated in his book _ -zaad almu’ad, 4th volume, page 253- “from the right things to do before entering one’s wife is to play with and to kiss her as well as to suck her lips. And The Prophet (ﷺ) used to play with his wives and he used to kiss them”. How did we know? It is evidenced by several Ahaadith (plural for hadeeth) reported from (some of) the wives of The Prophet (ﷺ): ‘Aisha, Asma’a and Hafsah رضي الله عنهنّ. ‘Aisha رضي الله عنها narrated: The Prophet (ﷺ) used to kiss and embrace (his wives) while he was fasting, and he had more power to control his desires than any of you. No one should restrict the play to merely touching their heads alone, do not make any restriction. Also, during their menstrual period, as narrated by ‘Aisha رضي الله عنها: “During the menses, he (ﷺ) used to order me to put on an Izar (dress worn below the waist) and used to fondle me.”[Sahih al-Bukhari].
Therefore, ibn alQayyim said “and he used to kiss and play with his wives”.

At this juncture, the scholars will say that The Prophet said, “the best of you is the best to his household, and I am the best to my household”. How is he the best? One of the ways is that he used to play with his wives, and -this is our point of reference, from the manners of The Prophet (ﷺ). In fact, he never made them sad, to the extent that, during their menstrual period, their drinking cup is what he used to drink; he used to kiss them; ‘Aisha رضي الله عنها narrated that she used to comb his (ﷺ) hair and take good care of his (ﷺ) body while she was in her menstrual period, and so on. This clarifies, that it is not a strange thing, it has been, since the lifetime of The Prophet (ﷺ).

The Main Points

After the aforementioned was proven from the citations, strong emphasis is being laid on the fact that, there should be no shyness between husband and wife never, let that -shyness- be firstly erased amidst spouses.
Naturally, a woman may be a little bashful first day of getting into the house. However, generally speaking, there should be no shyness between husband and wife. Will you then say, that it is from the Sunnah, that the Prophet said that shyness is good? Nah! Shyness should not come in between the spouses.

Thus, from what ‘Aisha رضي الله عنها narrated: while she was on a journey along with the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ): I had a race with him (the Prophet) and I outstripped him on my feet. Some years after, I became chubby, I had a race with him (the Prophet) again, and he outstripped me. He said: This is for that outstripping.” [Sunan Abi Dawud].
Is there shyness whatsoever between the spouses- whilst the husband rests his head on his wife’s lap?

Essence of pulling off clothes during copulation.

The first thing to do when a man is about to enjoy his wife is to pull off the clothes. Asides that there is enjoyment in it; it brings no stress; and it invigorates them both -the spouses.

Likewise, do not imitate some sects; whom when their man wants to enter upon his wife, he asks her to cover all her body except the private part. Also, any time the wife is about to dress up in the front of her husband, she will only do that behind the door -if they are using one room- to screen her body away from her husband. This is baseless and wrong! She should be nude, unclad as well as her husband, that is the first. How do we understand that? We will understand it from our mother -‘Aisha رضي الله عنها, on first day they heard her say this; -as quoted by ibn Hajar in Fath ul-Baari- it’s enough as a proof that a man may view his wife’s nudity and vice-versa, and what aids this, is what was reported by ibn Hibban from Sulayman ibn Musa who was asked if a man may look at his wife’s private part while penetrating her. And he -Sulayman ibn Musa said, that he asked Attaah (a Taabi’in) and he -Attaah said that he asked Aisha and she replied, that she used to bath together with the Prophet while both of them are without screening themselves.”[ibn Hajar in Fath ul-Baari].

If this was how they both bath, therefore it is better for spouses to be nude during conjugation. One man asked The Prophet (ﷺ): “who should I guard my nudity to?” and The Prophet (ﷺ) replied that “do not guard it for your wife and those whom your right hand possess, except when you are alone”. So he asked, “when I am alone?” and The Prophet (ﷺ) replied, “yes, because ALLAAH deserves the greater right to be shy of”. But between spouses, one of the starting point for enjoyment is to be nude.

The Erogenous Zone for the Anticipating Husbands.

Having said that, there are some duties that is expected of the husband, which if he fails to perform, it becomes the main cause of the problem… The first day this discussion was aired, we learnt and experienced several things: there was a man who narrated his plight, he said “for the past eight years, I have not be lasting longer than two minutes on bed. Moreover, usually after one to two minutes I take (in sex) , my wife gets pissed off, gets annoyed and also vents on the children.
I therefore told her -at a certain stage- to find a man who will be servicing her better, on condition that, the servicing man and I should not know each other”. Is that permissible in Islam?!

The fact is that, there are many ways through which you can satisfy your wife without being close to her vagina. Also, another woman recently narrated, that her husband used to penetrate whenever she is about to finish her menstruation. That, he couldn’t hold himself any longer and, she used to make a mistake by having only a bath, the question is: how is she supposed to bath?
The reply was; her mistakes are many, a menstruating woman must never be penetrated, but this mistakes resulted from… During the menstrual period, you both may enjoy yourself without penetration….
If one is good at this aspect, as mentioned by Shaykh Amnuu, “the act of playing -not the childish play but sexual arousing type – with one’s wife is a field that, its reality is unrecognized and not fathomed by most except a real, attentive and perceptible husband”. Some men are currently- yet to recognize their wives’ weak point, I mean her sexual arousing points which is otherwise referred to as erogenous zone.

It’s highly advisable, that every real man (married) knows his wife’s points. Although, for a man, they’re very few, compared to that of woman’s, which are numerous. Some points are general to all women while some are specific to individuals. For instance: like it happens to some women who were deflowered before marriage. A guy once requested for manpower, that his new girlfriend asked him to be taking alcohol because she is not enjoying him since her previous boyfriend started and used to taking alcohol before penetrating which makes her enjoy him better…
This is one of the reasons taking alcohol is widespread and very common. The point of reference is “she does not enjoy him very well”. If we can recall that, in the northern part of the country, Hausa women may seek divorce simply because they are not being sexually satisfied by their husbands as supposed to be, and this is from the Islamic Legislations.

However, the Yoruba women are fund of being shy when it comes to this, they prefer taking unnecessary marital discords to their acclaimed arbitrators who, instead of finding solutions, will exacerbate their conditions. Once a woman (wife) falls in the hand (wrong) of these bad-eggs among her folks, who afterwards mislead her to look for alternatives (from outside), the discords are settled, then peace begins to reign from unlawful means. There will be no more conflicts.

Immediately she falls in and enjoys these alternatives more than her husband, the husband should forget of being a man, he’s no longer a husband but a figurehead. ALLAAH says -to the husband regarding his wife-, “…and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places….” [Surah an-Nisa]. Note that, this can only be applicable for the real husbands, not the nulls, figure head and inactive.

The reality of enjoyment lies mainly in playing with one’s wife; women’s nature is similar to that of a pet. It is friendly and accompanied to its keeper any time it perceives him, and this pet’s (i.e. the wife’s) nature remains unchanged as long as the keeper (i.e. the husband) maintains and keeps his being nice (to her) even if the keeper resists the pet from coming towards him in a moment, it will not leave but adhere to him. As for the aggressive and horrible husband, he transfigures the existing normal and lovely nature of the wife.

Interactively, once a real husband -like the former- tries to correct an unruly attitude in his wife, perhaps the one he has been correcting in her several times, of which she had been heedless and unyielding to, immediately the husband withdraws from sleeping with her, making her lonely in the bed, the wife begins to obey, adhere and be with him any where he is, even if he is to sleep under the bed or at the entrance, she will take every steps closer to him as he takes a step away. It is because she is used to him in enjoyments.

Thus, the scholars used to say once a husband makes his wife attains the level of orgasm, then the wife’s love for him becomes indefinite and programmed (like a software app or remote control ) and, thus serving as healings to her from acute illnesses, and amongst other benefits. It happens sometimes, that when a husband from among these hard guys (drugger), despite he refuses to financially provide for his wife or his girlfriend, will still see him threatening his wife with such instructions like “I must meet food at home when return!”. Likewise, this doesn’t stop him from beating her, like a boxing sack upon all the goodness and care from her. Despite the trauma, this particular lady is fund of him, she will neither pack out nor leave him, because she acknowledges a particular sweetness that keeps her charmed and enthralled.

Another case was reported that, “a woman’s husband always beat her and she reported to her brother. So, her brother urged her friends to advice her to kindly divorce the man and return home’. Unfortunately to the brother, her response was ‘though he beats me but I am enjoying him… ‘”. Never will she leave, not a curse but with the reality!

Another recent report: “a woman divorced simply because of sex: according to the report, even if it was garri (cassava flakes) her husband was able to provide for them at home for the day, there will be no problem. However, any day he insisted on, no sexual love today, then discords get escalated ”. Therefore, how will a man attain this? It is not limited to sleeping with her alone.
Undoubtingly, this is an aspect every real man must really understand, be very serious and mindful of, not to be shy of or joked with.
How many of marital disputes being resolved, severally, of which the causes were mainly from this. Therefore, we (men) are encouraged to be real, and that you ladies should be prepared always to run after a real man as your husband. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case today (i.e. an unconscious husband) calls for the wife’s heedlessness.

Further Analysis

Once the wife reaches the level (of orgasm), certainly, there will be peace and rest of mind in the house. In fact, if the husband is unable to provide for them financially, the wife still remains contented and always be in his defence as far as this aspect is concerned, this stage is considered the peak of woman’s satisfaction.
Much romantic plays and all other aforementioned sexual boosters, sweeten and honey the matrimonial relationship, though most women hardly recognize this. For instance, a wife that was just deflowered by her husband will only experience the little her husband feeds her in with.

Case Study

A man reported, that back then in his history- his wife was impregnated by an old man who had conjugal relationships with her only when he intended to impregnate her (child). This woman then divorced the old man – it was gathered, that this man married her by the means of sihr (magic). Sooner after she tasted the sweetness of the town (promiscuity), she became something else entirely (always demanding). According to the guy, who married her last: she usually comes home with hard drugs (sex booster). More so, a day will not pass except that she demands for conjugation (sexual intercourse), so he was fed-up of that…

In relation to this, once your wife mistakenly derive enjoyment from another man -just once- and the man seems to her to be better than you in bed, just forget about your marriage completely.
A lot of women or some of them are ignorant of this and how to attain it. Note that, there is difference between when a man attains this level and a woman also attains it: Man may attain it at the moment he is able to penetrate or at about two minutes after he kicks-off (this may be affirmed by the married men), but such case(s) is/are very rare for women. Therefore, a man needs this knowledge, to know how to play with his wife to attain this level and the matter related to penetration. Before a man can be certainly sure, that his wife has reached this peak (otherwise called orgasm); her breathing ability will become calm, some of her joints will be calm, sometimes displays fainted looks (eye balls fly up), slight headaches, as well as her body pains will be relieved. She may eventually become healed from any acute illness instantly; she is quite at that point, feeling as if she’s just become the most successful woman, like she’s already in the paradise .

The stimulating points (areas) of women before the penetration

  1. The first and the most powerful location is the clitoris __ (make research on what clitoris is to avoid misconceptions) “the tiny, pea-sized body part that most people think of as the clitoris, it is only the gland — and like the tip of the iceberg”). There is no woman that will be touched in there, except that she is gagaly aroused. If a man is very strong enough, and he enters his wife to a certain stage that, her vaginal area becomes dry, he then withdraw. He should touch and rub her clitoris to get her wet. Can he put his mouth closer to this place of hers?
    Some scholars disagree, that he can not because it is from imitation of the Jews while the other scholars agree, that nothing refrains us from doing so since the fundamental ruling for it is that a man may enjoy himself from every parts of his wife… Therefore, it is encouraged to touch and rub this part before penetrating, though there are other many points to touch before this, this is simply the point of reference now. Additionally, research made it known, that there is a point, a bit around the right (vagina) called G-spot (“…The area consists of the bean-shaped spongy tissue of the paraurethral gland – it is to women, as the prostate is to men….). If this area is touched and rubbed romantically, no matter how perfect she may pretend, she will be high and stimulated.

A man is encouraged to keep rubbing this rounded (never the inner vaginal) area with his hand and he may replace his hand with his mouth by bringing forth his lips up and down, never to bite. He may then use his manhood to keep tapping this area or to keep using it to rub up and down these areas, without penetration. There is no doubt, this wife will be sexually aroused and she will have been earning invaluable pleasures.

  1. The second location is the nipples. How will the husband play with this? He -a real man- is expected to play with it by massaging his wife’s nipples even before getting into the bed. The whole boobs, most especially the nipples, of a woman is from her erogenous zone and the husband is expected to play with it, till he put forth his mouth to the place, he may then suck it -in a medium manner-. There is no problem if the woman is a nursing mother and the liquid drops, sucking it is healthy as far as Triple T is concerned. If the wife is busty (bigger boobs), he should play with each, and both of them at a time. At this point, a woman is fully aroused, may possibly be drawing him closer to her for penetration. However, if she is not a busty type, then playing with each of them boobs ,and her cleavage is encouraged.
    Having sexual urge during the menstrual periods (menstrual blood ) of a woman, her husband may play with that arena, and even release there. Some men prefer busty (bigger boobs) wife to unbusty, simply because with a busty wife, the husband finds joy and pleasure in putting his manhood within the cleavage, making her tightens up the two boobs with it. This may take place while sitting on the bed and the wife kneels for comfort placing, the man’s manhood may be used to rub her cleavage up and down. If the -busty- wife tightly hold in the boobs to some extent, this man is surely having exact feeling of penetration and may release at this point. This is mentioned as a result of uncontrollable sexual urge from the couple during menstruation. This is one of the advantage of busty wife, the husband must adhere to the breast, even while penetrating. The woman enjoys herself throughout this period as well.

Some of the benefits of attaining the level of orgasm in women are; the woman get relieved from some acute illness e.g. headaches and pains, etc. Even without buying any medication from the Triple T Alternative Medicine. More so, she has the feeling of being successful at the moment as well as getting pleased with her husband even before the main penetration.

How to know if your wife has reached this level

Below are the obvious signs:

  1. It may appear as though she faints, by rolling up her eyeball. If this is observed, know that she is experiencing a real and invaluable enjoyment coupled with greater pleasure, I mean as if she’s in paradise. Thus seeing you as the best man ever. Achieving this, sip a cup of tea, then congratulate yourself any time you achieve this in her. She will surely begin to take good care of you and your children, in fact she may not care about your less provisions, though you must fear Allah and be just.
  2. She may be giving some sort of uncommon smiles, which ordinarily she does not, even before the kick-off.
    Very funny! A brother reported, that his wife is possessed (jinn) simply because whenever he is releasing, she will be cuddling him more firmly… Never!, she is not possessed by any Jinn, she is only dining and wining in enjoyment, by reaching the climax.
  3. She may vigorously close in her laps on the husband. She optimally tightens up her laps towards the waist whilst the husband’s manhood is in.
  4. She may (suddenly) scream. This is not a scream of discomfort, never run. Rather, the one of pleasure, it means you reach her orgasm. Though She may intermittently refrain from screaming in order not to be heard by outsider(s), therefore she makes a low-key sound that will be heard only by the husband. Also, she may react like someone in kind of discomfort.
  5. She may bite you the husband. That is another sign of you reaching her orgasm, because during that stage she is in a position where she does not understand what she is doing anymore.
  6. She may cry (suddenly) or wail. This is not a cry of discomfort, rather, the cry of pleasure, signifies she’s reaching her orgasm. The minimal time for a wife to reach this -as discussed by some of the scholars- is 8minutes while most wives’ is 12minutes.
  7. She may be loose/immodest in speech throughout the exercise. She may suddenly change her styles of addresses you, using a less respective pronouns for you. Do not be mad at her, never tell her or say “when did we become mates?”, she speaks in that way only for that period because of the pool of pleasure she derives from you at the moment.
  8. She may display some facial reactions. They know better how they change their faces in such a situation anyway.
  9. She may be vibrating or shaking gradually. With this, she has attained the level, already swimming in pool of pleasure.
    The above are the signs we expect, that a husband finds from his wife. The scholars said: it is then that the Hadith “the best of you are the best to their households and I am the best to my household” works for you.

All these aforementioned increase loves and affections between the spouses. In fact, one begins to hear “I am not okay because my husband is not at home, I’m lonely… “. Some wives never feel their husband’s absence for a period because he is irrelevant, irresponsible, useless etc, to them.
Therefore, a man is encouraged to play with his wives in some areas to attain this target because it is not limited to penetration alone. A real husband that will reach climax through penetration must be maximally prepared. This is one of the major reasons women detest to marry an aged man. We observe that, most women who -because of wealth or something else, perhaps worldly ephemerals go after the aged men usually have concubines. The reason is that, they do not want dullness and sluggishness in or during the action, they have the genuine enjoyment from the swiftness and smartness in a man while in that action.

Enjoyable playing points for a woman

In summary, these points are listed below:

  1. The head and the hair;
  2. The ear;
  3. Kissing the tongue;
  4. The entire neck;
  5. The boobs, especially the nipples;
  6. The legs, if it is properly washed;
  7. The clitoris;

Licking and kissing these active and sexual arousing points are pleasurable. We are also encouraged -before or during penetration- to bring forth our lips to these points, just as anyone of us would lick ice-cream.

With this, your wife feels the maximum enjoyments: Kissing the lips; neck to neck; lips to lips; the fleshy parts of the neck; the two boobs; the back, including hips and down; the point that bisects her into two; the cleavage; the laps and; the clitoris. This last point is very critical though, which if not carefully touched, may ward off her sensations thereby makes her put an end to the program. This same place is the optimum of the three most sensitive parts, general to every women (which includes the boobs and the lips).
You should also know that your wife needs you because some -brave ones amongst the woman – may tell you vocally while others may not but show in signs.

Acknowledging the Variety of Styles

Locally, the most common way is the one that we all know and perhaps do; “the woman lies on her back and the man comes on top”. However, there are many other styles for this activity that are highly encouraged and are more pleasurable:
I. Penetrating from behind i.e. the vagina, not the anus. The wife be in a prostrating posture, though most of the amateurs (freshers) find it somewhat painful, the husband may train her by entering through the place gently, she will later get used to it just as it’s, for the young flowered ladies, having conjugal pains for the first time.

II. The husband lies flat on his back while the wife is on top of him, she may find this a bit painful as well, but will get used to it afterwards. The main efforts of going up and down is most probably be done by the woman. Though the man may be the one striving: (a) by lifting her legs up to some extent, then kick the ball via the normal and appropriate point or (b) by resting on one leg and lifting the other leg up, they will both enjoy via this as well. Along with this exercise, the husband should keep playing with the aforementioned areas. It will enhance and pool her urge by force.
Note here that, swiftness and fastness are important while penetrating, irrespective of any of the accompanied style(s).

Conclusively, it usually happens, that after several births, a woman begins to clamour for her husband’s manhood to be thicker and broader due to the wider private area (vagina) as a result of childbirth. At this juncture, we (men) need to take good care of ourselves by maintaining adequate and preventive measures against infections. For early ejaculations of a man is mainly caused by ailments (infections) e.g. gonorrhea etc. Therefore, both spouses must treat themselves by all Halal (i.e. permissible ) means and must abstain from all Haram (i.e. impermissible) means e.g. alcohol, hemp, drugs, etc.

Appropriate Size and Measuring Manhood.

Having thought, that your wife will not enjoy you due to the misconception on manhood length, needs to be corrected. A lot of men ignorantly measure while the manhood is flaccid, this is a total misconception. Rather, it’s to be measured only when it is fully erected.
Most times, the smallest manhood while flaccid, is highly the longest one when erected and vice-versa. It is enjoyable from 10cm above, depending on the man’s agility. Sometimes most women enjoy 12cm to 17cm; the category of women who enjoy 19cm are mostly tough (rugged), whereas some complain of little distress. Most women experience more discomforts at a length greater than 19cm, because there is limitation to the women’s area.

The Power Points for Men

Unlike the woman, man does not have much erogenous zone. The undoubted main office is the manhood itself, she may caress it and play with it. The scholars argued that can she kiss the area? They had similar dialogue with the man’s case above. She may play with his chest too and kiss the husband for the purpose of getting him more aroused.

Finally, it is very obvious and glaring, that we men have a lot of efforts to make and this will be unachievable when the woman does not open the whole of herself, fully for the husband. The real, responsible and successful husband is the one who studies all these, masters and apply them. With no doubt, your wife becomes totally obedient as well as adjust to whatever corrections you make any time you threatens to stay off bed or off home for a while. Conversely, a husband whose wife usually disputes him unnecessarily, unyielding and being heedless to corrections, let him be cautious of these phenomena we have discussed.
May Allah bless our marriage and restore peace to our matrimonial homes. From the Triple T Alternative Medicine, we say no to irrelevant divorces.
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Triple T

I am OlorunToba Taofeeq OluwaTosin, (Triple T), an Alternative Medicine Practitioner. Acquisition of my knowledge begins from the parents who were born into herbs and natural medicines, then I further my knowledge from across the nations. Seeking more knowledge has been something difficult for me to quit, I read, learn practically and acquire more experiences with my bosses in both local and international communities. I started this practice fully around 2017-2018 when I was able to treat few of my family and friends from chronic diseases like stroke, diabetes, Hepatitis, ulcer etc. Learning from the most knowledgeable practitioners has been my paramount priority. Triple T wishes us sound health!


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