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Why organic coconut water is one of the BEST rehydrating drinks from Mother Nature

The brain and the heart, for instance, are about 73% water. About 83% of the lungs is made of the same vital component. Our muscles and kidneys, on the other hand, are 79% water, while our skin – the largest organ in the human body – contains about 64% water.


Prepare for Trials to Avoid Depression and Suicide.

If you have been living, wining and dining in enjoyments, with everything moving smoothly, while you’ve not been tested with trials in your life, I pity you for surely when the trial will come, it may be when or the type that will render you miserable, ruined and doomed.

Diagnosis for the Diseases caused by the Jinns Afflictions

It’s a very pitiful situation when you see or hear someone who battles with disease(s), spending almost all his or her wealth, selling his or her properties just to get better and healed. Afterwards, he or she will be put under illness management, taking life drugs, having been known in the pharmaceutical company or in the hospital just as a musicians are being known by their fans. Approaching and interrogating some of these clients on how and what led to their illnesses and how they’ve been managing it, after due observations and diagnostic analysis and measures, we will later discover, that some of these illnesses are jinns related illnesses.

Diverticulitis Disease & its Signs

When you have diverticulitis, the inflamed pouches most often cause pain in the lower-left side of your abdomen. The pain is usually severe and comes on suddenly, though it can also be mild and get worse over several days. The intensity of the pain can change over time.


Natural detoxification is a method taken to get rid of toxins from the body for better performance and for the resuscitation of the new healthy cells in a natural way.
Detoxification has come in different forms and methods, however we’ll be looking at a simple foot bath home-made detoxification that will be easier, less cost and less time consuming .


Sometimes, when any of my clients is diagnosed of a severe back-ache, to the extent of not able to bend, lift or even do the routine activities, such a client will be referred to the hospital for test / scan as part of our profession. We don’t usually attend to a client unless until after he or she must have done what is necessary in the hospital.


The prostate is located directly beneath the bladder and in front of the rectum. The urethra passes through the prostate, so if the prostate becomes enlarged, it can keep urine or semen from passing through the urethra. The main function of the prostate is to produce fluid for the semen, the milky fluid in which sperm swims. Sperm is produced in the testicles, which also make the main male hormone testosterone. During puberty, testosterone stimulates the growth and function of the prostate, and helps with the production of fluid for semen.

Stroke, early Signs

Behaviour changes: Having a stroke can contribute to depression or anxiety. You also may experience changes in your behaviour, such as being more impulsive or more withdrawn from socializing with others.
Speech difficulties: A stroke can impact areas of the brain having to do with speech and swallowing. As a result, you may have difficulty reading, writing, or understanding other people when they’re speaking.
Numbness or pain: A stroke can cause numbness and decreased sensation in parts of your body. This can be painful. Sometimes injury to the brain can also affect your ability to sense temperature. This condition is known as central stroke pain and can be difficult to treat.
Paralysis: Because of the way the brain works to direct movement, a stroke in the right side of your brain can affect movement on the left side of your body and vice-versa. Those who’ve had a stroke may not be able to use facial muscles or move an arm on one side.
You may be able to regain lost motor function, speech, or swallowing abilities after a stroke through rehabilitation. However, these can take time to regain.

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The poor girls need sanitary pads as gifts

A teenager was spotted sometimes ago with blood-stains on her wears and part of her body. This brother (may Allah bless him and have mercy on him) from his intelligence, experience and wisdom, observed that something must have gone wrong with the lady, then called her and engaged her in few conversations where he detected that the lady lacks orientation on what menstrual period is all about.

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