Self Medication for the Jinn Afflictions

As a Ruqyah therapist, I have seen the manifestations of this in people’s life.Take your time and read through, you will learn a lot.

Having Sexual Intercourse with Jinns

In the name of Allah, the beneficial, the merciful. Allah Ta’alah in his endless creation indeed created the Jinn and mankind to coexist together as we have learned from Surah An’aam verse 130 “O assembly of jinns and mankind! Did there not come to you Messengers from amongst you, reciting unto you My Verses?” and so many other verses e.g. [al-A’raaf 7:27], [al-Hijr 15:27], [al-Rahmaan 55:15], [Jinn 72]. Despite coexisting together, Allah ta’alah has set boundaries between mankind and Jinn; so that each one of them lives separately in their dwellings. However, at times, the disbelievers or even wrongdoers among the Jinn do cross the path of human beings causing harm or fear in them. Which is why I want to talk about one aspect which is sexual relationship between Jinns and Mankind. However, it might sound untrue and unreal, because the jinn are invisible to mankind, so how can they engage in such?

Well, it is true, and it is happening. Personal interview with victims showed that truly some women had sexual intercourse with a Jinn once or many times in their lifetime. I have personally taken the interviews and, I had befriended a victim. The following encounters were narratives directly from the victims:

1. Someone unknown came in their dream (His face is not seen), at first they tried to fight back, but eventually, he overpowered them.

2. The intercourse is the best they ever had, and when they wake up, they feel like doing it again and again.

3. At times when he comes, they can’t move their body, they can’t make dua, their mouth became glued or sealed. They felt as if something heavy is placed on them.

4. At times they see a man, but at times a woman came to them, and they had intercourse; in a lesbian way.

5. At times they feel like it is real, they are awake and feeling it, but they can’t do anything.

6. At times they see themselves in a wedding setting, as if they are married to someone. One of them even said, on the night of the wedding, the next morning people kept hearing whistles and sounds of celebration.

7. Afterwards, they see in dreams in where they give birth to a baby, then later breastfeeding babies in their dreams. One of them even said, when she woke up, her nipples pained her and she saw drops of milk from her breasts.

8. Most of them who are already married said they love their husband, but they can’t let him touch them, and when he does they get angry.

9. At times they woke up with body pains, pain in their lower abdomen, fatigue and body weakness, bruises in their private part, some times even tear in the vagina.

10. Sometimes they even see the person they saw in their dreams smiling at them in the morning on their way out.

11. Some said they had fake pregnancies, they were pregnant at a certain point, but suddenly disappeared. While others said, when they got pregnant and thought it was all good, suddenly they had a dream that someone visited. Thereafter, the next morning, they saw stain of blood and that’s the end of the pregnancy.

12. At times some of them cannot live in their marital homes. The moment their husband comes in, they start to feel uncomfortable. Their happiness is restored when their husband is out.Those were testimonies from the real victims.

In one of my encounters, one of them said, she later accepted the fact that she is married to him, because he often visits on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and he clearly told her that she cannot have a man as a husband or boyfriend, that he will provide for her all she needs. She added that sometimes when he comes, the next morning she had to go and get stitches in her private area. She even said, She had a child with her Jinn husband. And on the day of their naming, according to her, some of her neighbours confirmed to have found Colanuts and sweets all over the places as a sign that something strange was happening. So sad, the sister lost her way, because the Jinn turned her into a magician. She was helping people with powerful magic and so on.

Why do Jinn Possess Humans?

There is no specific answer to the above question. However, here is a list of possible reasons why Jinn would possess a human being.

1. Selfish desire and transgression against Allah – It is a rule of nature that humans and jinns cannot live in one another or have sexual relationships with humans. But they do anyways. Even among humans, there are transgressors. So no one is above this except who Allah protects.

2. Not being serious with your religion – People who often not take religion seriously are likely to be victims. Jinns hate the Quranic recitation and zikr, so people who read all the time are likely to be protected from Jinns.

3. The desire for Dunya (worldly ephemerals) – People who love nudity, exposing their body, going out at night to clubs, listening to music at night, consulting soothsayers, magicians etc. These behaviours are likely to cause Jinn to attack someone. Nowadays, even posting photos on social media gets you into trouble with the Jinns. There is a record of friend got possessed through facebook

4. Breaking the rules of nature – There are times and places, where you can’t , go or do things. For example, the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم mentioned in a hadith related by Al-Bukhari that dirty places are the homes of the Jinns, toilets, garbage areas, bcos they eat the remains of our food. So this is why before doing things like toilet, dumping garbage, you need to say Bismillah or make a dua for entering the toilet and so on. At times, speaking loudly at night can provoke them.

5. Through inheritance – Some families had a history of keeping Jinns among themselves, so there are transferred from one generation to another. So they spread among the children and women of the family.

6. Visiting soothsayers magicians and fortune-tellers – These people work with the jinns, and in order to make you believe they have the knowledge of the unseen, they assign Jinn to you to spy on you. Whatever you are doing, they are reporting back to them. So some Jinns, even after the work is over, they like to stay in the body. 90% of people especially women who visited these people have contacted a Jinn and possibly the Jinn had had sex with them. This is from a reliable source.

7. Lastly, some people if they are not happy with you they can use magic to send Jinn to possess you.

The Signs of Jinn Possession

1. Dreams involving snakes, someone chasing you, being thrown in a dip hole, fighting people and when you wake up your body is tired or even feel pain.

2. Having severe Headaches that cannot be explained medically.

3. Having visions at night of shadows, or feeling of being followed, hearing your name but no one is calling.

4. Crying for no reason, crying in your sleep, crying in your dream.

5. Isolating yourself, you dont want anyone around you, you always prefer to stay indoors, then feeling depressed and angry all the time without any possible reasons.

6. You become allergic to the Qur’aan , when the Qur’aan is recited you easily get angry and leave or you feel uncomfortable, and if you start to listen to the Qur’aan you quickly fall asleep.

7. Having high temper. On small issues you blast and lose control. And when you see people you think they hate or dislike you.

How to prevent yourself from Jinn

1. The best remedy for Jinn is Ayatul Kursiy. Abu Huraira once told the Prophet that he met with Shaitan on his way and he told him that every Shayaateen and Jinns are afraid of Ayatul Kursi. So it is the best weapon against the Jinn.

2. Morning, Afternoon and Night Adhkaar can protect you from both Jinn and human evil actions. Get the Book Hisnu al-Muslim. It is easy to remember.

3. Before going to sleep, make ablution and recite the following Dua: (1) Ayatul Kursi Quran 2.255, Suratul Iklas Quran 112, Falaq Quran 113, and Nas Quran 114

(2) A’oodhu bi kalimati llahi tammati min sharri ma khalaq (3x)

(3) The prophet says whosoever recites “La ilaha illallah wahdahu la sharikalah, labul mulku wa lahul hamdu wa huwa ‘ala kulli shay-in qadir” 100x a day, Allah will send down angels to come and be with him till another morning.

Note: Dua only works if you believe in Allah and you have sincerity.

4. When you sleep, sleep on your right side because the Jinn will sleepover you and suffocate you and also make you have nightmares just to bother you. Recite the following Dua before sleeping

5. The Prophet PBUH says any house where Suratul Baqara is recited, Jinn cannot dwell in that home.

6. Fear of Allah and engaging in dhikr and recitation of the Quran. When you do that, the Jinn will find your body poisonous so they can’t even come close.

7. Before getting naked always say Bismillah. Jinns get fascinated when you are naked.

8. When you see a Black Dog or Black Snake, then leave the place and make dua. At times snake in your home from nowhere can be Jinn

9. If you feel your ears whistling without a cause or illness and you can smell fire, know that a jin is standing in front of you. So make a dua. Say “A’udhubillahi Minash shaitanir rajeem”

10. When you visit the toilet, make a dua of entering toilet “(Bismil-lah) allahumma innee aAAoothu bika minal-khubthi wal-khaba-ith”

11. Don’t pour hot water in the toilet unless you say the dua for entering the toilet “Bismil-lah”

12. Dont throw things randomly at night. At least call out the name of Allah before doing that.

If you already have all these signs. Start a self treatment as follows: Get a perfume named “Al-Musk”, Get an oil called “Habbatus sauda” then recite the following verses of the Quran inside the bottle. Apply them separately on your neck, at your back, and below your abdomen in the morning and in the night. Jinns hate the smell, plus the Dua, it burns them.

Always play Suratul Baqara on your self, using phone, radio, or anything.

Get a Litre of Zam Zam Water or less, plus a bucket full of water which will be enough to bath for 2 weeks or more, apply the zam zam in the full bucket, then recite the following verses inside the bucket. Every morning after Fajr, put a towel on the ground inside your room, fetch the water, say Bismillah, then rub your entire body and drink the rest. Then pick the towel, rinse the water on the wall of your room, north, west, south, east. The reason is because you can’t pour the water inside toilet due to you have recited Qur’aan inside.

(surah 1 : ayat 1-7)(surah 2 : ayat 1-5)(surah 2 : ayat 102)(surah 2 : ayat 163-164)(surah 2 : ayat 255)(surah 2 : ayat 285-286)(surah 3 : ayat 18-19)(surah 7 : ayat 54-56)(surah 7 : ayat 117-122)(surah 10 : ayat 81-82)(surah 20 : ayat 69)(surah 23 : ayat 115-118)(surah 37 : ayat 1-10)(surah 46 : ayat 29-32)(surah 55 : ayat 33-36)(surah 59 : ayat 21-24)(surah 72 : ayat 1-9)(surah 112 : ayat 1-4)(surah 113 : ayat 1-5)(surah 114 : ayat 1-6) 2. If it persists, then find an authentic Raaqi (one who performs ruqyah) to perform Ruqya on you. There are many fake Sheikhs out there who claim they perform Ruqya, they isolate with women, they talk to the jinn and negotiate deals not in your favour. So beware. Make sure you find a religious and upright person. Though it is expensive, yet maybe done for free.

The Jinns have no power to strike or cause any evil except by The Permission of ALLAAH”. And ALLAAH Know best!

I ask Allah ‘azza wá jalla to Cure you soon!

Triple T

I am OlorunToba Taofeeq OluwaTosin, (Triple T), an Alternative Medicine Practitioner. Acquisition of my knowledge begins from the parents who were born into herbs and natural medicines, then I further my knowledge from across the nations. Seeking more knowledge has been something difficult for me to quit, I read, learn practically and acquire more experiences with my bosses in both local and international communities. I started this practice fully around 2017-2018 when I was able to treat few of my family and friends from chronic diseases like stroke, diabetes, Hepatitis, ulcer etc. Learning from the most knowledgeable practitioners has been my paramount priority. Triple T wishes us sound health!

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