Prepare for Trials to Avoid Depression and Suicide.

If you have been living, wining and dining in enjoyments, with everything moving smoothly, while you’ve not been tested with trials in your life, I pity you for surely when the trial will come, it may be when or the type that will render you miserable, ruined and doomed.

For today, many people are strayed just because of a sudden tribulation. Some may commit shirk (apostasy), while some may commit suicide simply because, to them, the road seems blocked.

If you cannot train your wards / children on how to manage and withstand life challenges, I mean allow them to deal with challenges themselves from the childhood, then never allow them to marry for any worldly ephemerals / materialism nor to think that wealth and materialism are the medicine to cure life challenges, why because, wealth does not solve challenges, rather may exacerbate it. Experience, wisdom and understanding are the ways through which challenges are simplified. Meanwhile it may seem unrealistic or difficult to achieve these highlighted facts unless one who has been exposed to and face various challenges. In fact, to hook wards with responsible experienced spouses with no penny is far better than one who bears Victor and always victorious in life.

Today, the rate at which depression and suicide sprout is alarming; both the youth and elders commit and fall victims just like that. A lot of the victims of depression have thought that, killing oneself is the solution, however my question is, do we break or cut off heads simply because we have headaches? Of course no!, not at all.

We have seen students who committed suicide simply because they failed in their various examinations. Also, a spouse who killed because of marital issues. A lot of inexperienced fellows have seen killings, suicides and drugs as the only way out to their respective challenges.

Don’t forget, too much of anything for anyone other than for the creator alone will later lead to disaster. Most of our parents who claim to have loved us failed to realise that, over pampering or over caring is never a means to show love but spending times with us to correct our wrongs, watch us in our actions to amend errors and train us just like a soldier preparing for war are the real means through which we would realise the true love in the future . We need this because this life itself is filled with not physical war alone but emotional and psychological war.

Suicide /depression

You don’t exhaust your love and concentration on anyone or anything that is prone to disappear suddenly, if you do, you may be disappointed and also vanish or die after the demise of such a one or a thing you’ve placed your love so much on, power of love is beyond human imagination. Allah alone, then His Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم deserve total love and attention, why because knowing Allah through hIsthen stick to His o is enough to perfect

From “I want to live a perfect life” makes a man’s life imperfect. Why not live a life you will perfect yourself. Today, many of us are being escorted to write examinations written to get admission into universities, not only this, some of us are being taken to “special examination centres” where higher marks are certain to be scored via cheating and forgery.

Besides, some offsprings are being prepared with charms and spiritual powers (pens, pencils, memory booster etc) so they could pass their various exams with no challenges. Moreso, some may add and reduce their normal ages to suite their requirements for their objectives. Unfortunately, all these have failed to be a solution for the life challenges, rather they are open doors to more tribulations.

Human beings have failed to realise that, getting used to challenges is really the only way to solve the challenges of life. Why not await and face the challenges being prepared? Because a man with perfect life never exists, and never is this life created for the perfect beings, then why all the worries that will later wring your neck?

Perhaps you don’t know, that both the negative and the positive parts of electric system produce lights. Always think about the other side when you’re in one side, why because you can’t be in a single condition for ever, challenges will surely come around.

No perfection but balancing in this life. How do you make life balanced ? You make life balanced by giving yourself a reborn even after your parents must have given birth to you. If you cannot live among those who bustle, hustle and struggle to survive in life, then let them share their experiences and plights with you, perhaps you study and learn from them just as you study and learn from your institutional courses. Frankly speaking, one who survives fighting thousands of lions can never be killed by the fear of any animal.

Other means through which life may be balanced are:

  1. If you are hard, make a soft person as your partner
  2. If you get angry easily, find a meek person as your partner
  3. If you’re wealthy, choose an impoverished one as a partner
  4. If you eat all days, make a fasting person as your partner.
  5. If you’re a boss, get close with your underlings.

Get used to life vicissitudes so you don’t end up being used for the life challenges.

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Triple T say NO to suicide! No to drugs!! No to depression!!!

Triple T

I am OlorunToba Taofeeq OluwaTosin, (Triple T), an Alternative Medicine Practitioner. Acquisition of my knowledge begins from the parents who were born into herbs and natural medicines, then I further my knowledge from across the nations. Seeking more knowledge has been something difficult for me to quit, I read, learn practically and acquire more experiences with my bosses in both local and international communities. I started this practice fully around 2017-2018 when I was able to treat few of my family and friends from chronic diseases like stroke, diabetes, Hepatitis, ulcer etc. Learning from the most knowledgeable practitioners has been my paramount priority. Triple T wishes us sound health!

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