How to identify what your state will be like in the grave?

Ibn al-Qayyim said:

❝The state of a person in the grave will be like the state of the heart in the chest; in bliss or facing punishment, imprisoned or roaming freely. If you want to know what your state in the grave will be like, then look at the state of your heart in your chest.

💠 If the your heart is filled with joy and tranquility, and is pure (clean from pride, envy and other evils) – then by the Will of Allaah, the same will be your state in the grave. And it’s opposite is also true.

💠 This is why you find that a person – who is obedient (to Allaah), and has good manners (with the creation), and who is forgiving (and kind) – to be the most tranquil (and at rest).

💠 Faith takes away distress, removes the grief, and it (Faith) is the coolness of the eyes of the one upon Tawheed (monotheism), and (the means of) comfort for the worshipers.

➡️ Whoever is preoccupied with Tasbeeh (saying: Sub-haan Allaah), his private affairs will be taken care of.

➡️ And whoever is preoccupied with al-Hamd (saying: alhamdulillaah), he will be given bounties one after the other.

➡️ And whoever is preoccupied with al-Istighfaar, the locked (doors) will be opened for him.❞

📚 [al-Daa’ wal-Dawaa’ (1/187-188)]

Triple T

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