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Welcome to Triple T Hijaamah and Prophetic Medicine Center’s online platform.


We offer Hijaamah (Cupping) therapy to clients and also provide them with safe, herbal, natural and effective remedies to several illnesses and health issues.

We strictly adhere to the Qur’aan and Prophetic guidance hence our treatments and services are free from magic, shirk and other things Islam prohibits.

Our treatment plans are very pocket friendly and we also offer consultation services.

Health issues we have treated (by Allah’s will) are: fibroid, arthritis, severe headache, infertility, spiritual illness & many more.

At Triple T Hijaamah and Prophetic Medicine Center we believe all diseases and health issues have its cure just as it’s narrated from the Hadeeth; however, _he who is knowledgeable about it knows it and he who is ignorant of it is ignorant of it._

We hope you enjoy immense benefits while being on our group.

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