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Where diseases are being treated and sound health are being restored with Natural and Islamic medicines and with the aid of various therapies such as Hijaamah (Cupping) therapy, Acupuncture, and Ruqyah. We give advice on diet and also provide safe and effective, herbal and Islamic remedies for the betterment of health. We strictly adhere to the Islamic rulings in our dealings which guide our treatments and services and make us free from using magic, shirk and other things that Islâm prohibits. We offer consultation services and here are few of Health complications we have treated (by Allah’s will): fibroid, arthritis, severe headache, infertility, diabetes, hypertension, Hepatitis, cancer, oedema, depression, brain disorder, jinn afflictions & others with several recommendations and testimonials . We believe all diseases and health complications have their own cure just as it’s narrated from the Hadeeth; however, _he who has the knowledge knows it and he who is ignorant of it has no knowledge of it…

Further more, our Podcast Program provides several gateways to maintain your life and health from the internal and external threats. Enjoy being part of our succcess story by following us and subscribe to our platforms. 

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Location: No 9, Wale Water Gaa akanbi, Pipeline, Ilorin Kwara State, Nigeria.