Are you depressed? Take this and free your minds – Abu Aa’isha

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Being Hopeful
When you see others doing well & having a seemingly good life, it’s easy to get discouraged & think that your life isn’t going to change. Everyone has struggles in life, Everyone has disappointments, but if you think good thoughts of the Almighty ALLAH, He will bless you immensely. ‬ Always remember that the Almighty ALLAH is able to bring you through the unknown, the unseen, and the unexpected. These are situations which our normal minds cannot fathom. But leave it to Him, only Him alone can handle situations. It’s part of His Plan. All you have to do is to trust Him without an iota of doubt! ‬ ‪Almighty ALLĀH. Only You know the hardships & pain we’re going through. We hand over our worries to You as we’ve done before. If not for You, we wouldn’t be here right now. We ask You to bless those who’ve lost their way. Lead them back to Your Path. We supplicate quick recoveries for the Sicks, Grant the pregnant women easy deliveries and count us and our children among Pious Muslims! Aameen.

Being Patient
Patience is key! No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, be patient. Your neighbour may be blessed with what he’s been praying for but you must remain patient. Perhaps the Almighty ALLAH wants you to call out to Him just a little more. He will reward the doers of good! ‬ Focus on what you have, no matter how little & you’ll be happy. Focus on what’s missing in your life & what the neighbours have & you’ll be sad. It all depends on where your focus lies in life. If it’s the Almighty ALLAH’s blessings then you’ll be contented ! Else, you’ll be miserable! ‬ ‪Never take your blessings for granted. The Almighty ALLAH will see to that. So always be grateful, no matter how small the blessing. He never sends a calamity except that ease follows thereafter. Keep connecting with Him; you’ll see how much ease and inner peace you get in your life.

Being self-esteemed
Don’t be daunted by the road ahead. Yes, it may seem long. But the Almighty ALLAH has it all planned for you. You need to start the journey even if it’s with baby steps. You will pick up speed and your pace will quicken as you move along. Distractions aside, we will all get there! Don’t let anyone belittle you. If you’re not careful, you may start believing their demeaning remarks. This can affect your self-esteem. When someone belittles you, it’s a reflection of them, not you! Never allow people who use words so irresponsibly to sabotage your self-image!There’s a blessing when you’re down and at your lowest. The only way you can move is up. Thank the Almighty ALLAH for it because He will raise you if you seek Him. Keep reaching out to Him and you’ll be amazed by what follows. Your experience and breakthrough will be phenomenal!

Promises from a man is disappointing
Many will promise to do things for you but when it comes to the crunch, they’ll not keep to their word. Try not to depend on people. If you have to, be prepared to be disappointed. Remember, you are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. Rely on no one but the One who made you! Don’t be full of pride and arrogance just because you’ve done good deeds. It’s up to the Almighty ALLAH to accept it, though we must never lose hope in His Mercy. This is the only way to keep our hearts rooted to our faith. So keep doing good, no matter what is going on around you!Know your self-worth. You might feel unwanted & unworthy to one person, but you are priceless to another. Spend time with those who value you. No matter how good you are to others, there’ll always be that one negative person who criticizes you. Smile, carry on & do your thing!

Being a listener, and talk less
Why do some people find it hard to compliment others? It reinforces positive self-esteem. As much as we like to receive compliments, it’s equally important to be willing to give them. Being able to recognize good things in others is a sign of emotional intelligence & maturity! Listen with the intention to understand rather than to merely respond when discussing an issue. But oftentimes, we get so caught up with putting our points across that we forget to listen to what’s being said. Be fair, remain calm and committed to hearing each other out. Always ask the Almighty Allah to protect our hearts from hardening. May He soften them and allow us to have compassion for those who are suffering in unimaginable ways. Learn to pray passionately for them as we do for ourselves and our loved ones. May He keep us humble at all times!

Being real, and peace hearted
Do you feel angry or resentful when being corrected or shown the truth? If you do, then you have a problem with pride! Be wary because even a atom’s weight of it can bar you from entering Aljannah! So work on your heart. Purify it. Humble yourself to people. Get rid of self-importance! ‪Do you live your life to please others? If so, you’ll never know peace because nothing you do will be good enough. If you make decisions based on what others will think of you, it’s time for a rethink! Where does the Almighty Allah figure in your life? Reflect! Live your life for Him!‬ ‪Do you often feel confused and unsettled? Perhaps your heart feels like something’s amiss? Learn to cultivate inner peace by drawing yourself closer to the Almighty Allah. Trust Him completely. He will guide you through it all. He will show you where you need to go to feel whole again and again!

Never be greedy
Giving what you love is the highest form of giving. We can give whatever we want but try to reach this level of giving. You’ll feel a huge sense of gratification envelop you. It also shows the state of your heart. It’s not too late to do this. Try it in these testing time!‬ Be wary of greed. And it’s not just about money. You can be greedy for material possessions, fame, compliments etc. Whatever it is, greed is a spiritual disease of the heart and is always destructive. So work on your heart to drive greed out. Learn to share, give generously!‬ Man is always comparing. We often feel the other person is in a much better state than we are. Instead of accepting & appreciating what we have, we always find a way to look at what others have. Be wary. In trying to achieve something better, one may end up losing what one has!‬

Having a peace of mind
The Almighty Allāh’s not only the source of love but the only One truly worthy of love! People will always let us down. Impermissible relationships will end in heartbreak. That’s why when we give them our hearts completely, we end up suffering heartbreak after heartbreak! Take heed! ‬ If your heart is not in the right place, you’ll never feel at ease. Purify your intenion in everything that you do. In this age of social media it’s easy to show off, get carried away & thrive on exaggerated needs for acceptance & validation. Protect your heart at all times. ‬ Almighty Allāh. Grant us the strength & the courage to carry on. A lot’s going on around us & it’s easy to become despondent. Our energy & motivation are constantly being tested. Don’t let the pressures of life push us down. Help us not to quit but to keep going at a steady pace!

Being self disciplined
Don’t look for quick fix solutions. Short cuts will get you nowhere at least in your personal development. Moreover, quick fixes often backfire. The road to improving ourselves is one that’s long, continuous & persistent. It requires time, commitment, self discipline & hard work. ‬ You’ve to admit that this year’s so far been a year where we questioned everything we believed to be “normal”. Perhaps this is what the Almighty Allah wants us to learn; to fully submit to His Decree. All our best laid plans have gone out of the window, a reminder of who’s in charge!‬ We all have our difficult days. But don’t use that as an excuse to treat your loved ones badly. It’s easy to take your feelings out on those closest to you, but that doesn’t mean they deserve it. Ask them for advice on how to deal with issues that are making you so irritated!‬

Being self evaluated
Surely we have enough of our own faults, leaving no time to look at others. And never judge people by their past. Why? Because people learn from their mistakes. People change. People move on. So don’t be stuck in your mindest & label people based on what you used to know of them! Are you among those who’ll spend most of your time fixing other people’s problems but your life’s a mess? Remember, charity begins at home. The best way to help others is to help yourself first. Invest your time in being a better version of yourself; everything else will follow. ‬ Let’s face it. You will meet people who have the ability to bring out the worst in you. They may provoke you to say things you regret or pressure you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. So stay true to your values and refuse to let others have a negative influence over you!

Be a harmonious speaker
Pay heed to whatever comes out of your mouth. Every word you utter matters. It really does. You may not think so but trust me when I say that the power of words is immense. It can make you or break you. It has the ability to change someone’s life! Choose your words carefully!‬ ‪Learn to see the best in people. Believe the best about them too. No matter how much you disagree, try to find common ground. Spread peace. Quit fighting and bickering. Build bridges. Don’t hate. Don’t look down on anyone. Life’s too short to be doing otherwise. Be kind to yourself. You’ve come this far and with the Almighty Allāh’s help you’ll get through these challenging and confusing times. Don’t give in to overthinking, focus on the tasks ahead. Guide your mind to that which is positive and beneficial. Trust that tomorrow will be better in shaa Allãh!

Give your heart to the creator
If your heart is not in the right place, you’ll never feel at ease. Purify your intenion in everything that you do. In this age of social media it’s easy to show off, get carried away & thrive on exaggerated needs for acceptance & validation. Protect your heart at all times. ‬ Don’t be surprised if people try to detour you from your path when you’re doing well and headed in the right direction. It’s a normal human trait. Recognize it. Know their game and be on full alert. Stand your ground politely but firmly. Do what you must and don’t be distracted. ‬ You’ll never walk alone because the Almighty Allah is always with you. Don’t you forget that. Always have hope in the face of discouragement, faith when all seems lost. Keep your peace in times of anxiety. Never let your feelings get the better of you when you fall or feel abandoned!

Nothing goes forever
Feeling lost and hopeless, bobbing on a boat in the middle of the sea. No sight of land. ‬Feeling anxious not knowing what tomorrow holds. Feeling stuck when every move you make brings you to a dead end! ‬Know that the help of the Almighty Allāh is near. Very near. Patience. Trust. ‬ Even during your darkest days, don’t neglect the Almighty Allāh. You may think your situation is so complicated, there’s no solution; but the truth is the Almighty Allāh’s watching you. He wants to see how much you truly need Him. He will respond even to a silent prayer of a heart in need! Don’t let your heartache consume you. Even when your pain felt like it would never go away. Just raise hands & cry out to the Almighty Allāh. Begging. Never doubt that He will respond. He will answer you immediately or when you least expect it. But remember, none of the pain will last!

Never pour into a basket
Do yourself a favour. If you’re doing something to show off, don’t do it. It’s futile really. You might bask in momentary glory and people will admire you etc but honestly, it means nothing to the Almighty Allāh! It’s His validation that you need. That’s the only thing that matters! ‬ If you’ve gained a million likes by posting something disliked by the Almighty Allāh then you’ve lost! Leave a legacy you’ll be proud of on the Day you meet your Maker! Be responsible. Avoid anything immoral or sinful. If you can’t be responsible, then it’s time to uninstall some apps. Almighty Allāh. You are our refuge & strength. We place our trust in You especially during these tumultuous times. There’s so much violence, terror & political upheaval. We turn to You for courage & hope. We need peace. Peace in the world & peace in the hearts of people.

Being self-honoured
When you appreciate yourself, it becomes easier to appreciate others. When you lack self-acceptance, that’s when you have enemies. How else can you accept other people’s uniqueness if you can’t honour yours. Be true to yourself. Your journey is yours alone. Don’t imitate others! Focus on where you’re headed. Where you’ve been is the past. Don’t waste your energy reliving those times. There’s a reason the Almighty Allāh has brought you to where you are right now. Remember, sometimes those with the worst past have created the best future! Don’t lose hope! Whatever you’re going through, know that nothing is too big for the Lord of the Worlds. There’s no promise He can’t fulfill, no prayer He can’t answer, no obstacle He can’t remove, no heart He can’t mend, no illness He can’t heal & the list goes on! Stay encouraged; stay focused!

Our aim is to show you love and make you love your self, even if you seem not to be. Triple T loves you dearly!

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I am OlorunToba Taofeeq OluwaTosin, (Triple T), an Alternative Medicine Practitioner. Acquisition of my knowledge begins from my parents, who were born into using herbs & traditional medicines to treat chronic diseases. I then go further to seek and acquire more on Alternative medicines such as the, Islamic medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, Ruqyah etc for more healing results. Alhamdulillaah, for Allah's granted us the ability to treat some chronic diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Ulcer, Epilepsy, Stoke and many more. Seeking more beneficial knowledge on health has been something very difficult for me to quit. I read, learn practically and acquire more experiences with my bosses in both local and international communities. I started this practice fully around 2017-2018 when I was able to treat few of my family and friends from chronic diseases like stroke, diabetes, Hepatitis, ulcer etc. Learning from the most knowledgeable practitioners has been my paramount priority. Triple T wishes us sound health!
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